Episode 97: Porch Pirate Panic and the Paranoid Racism of Snitch Apps

Citations Needed | January 15, 2020 | Transcript

Brinks Home Security commercial.
Via @BestofNextDoor on Twitter.
Vigilante ad from 2016.
“Porch pirate” fearmongering on KOCO Oklahoma City.
Videos on the Ring website.
Sarah Lustbader
Photo of the founders of SketchFactor, via Crain’s New York.
Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson speaks about “flooding the zone” in Chicago in 2019. (Ashlee Rezin / Chicago Sun-Times)
Via Pew Research Center.
Steven Renderos
James Baldwin

A podcast on media, power, PR, and the history of bullshit. Hosted by @WideAsleepNima and @adamjohnsonnyc.

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