Episode 03: The Rise of Superpredator 2.0

Citations Needed is produced by Josh Kross and Florence Barrau-Adams. Our theme song is ‘Nonphenomenal Lineage’ by Grandaddy.

As one ICE officer excitedly wrote, the operation “has more media interest than I can catalogue and the story was picked up worldwide.”

Show Notes

Media Convicts Scores of ‘Gang Members’ on NYPD’s Say-So — No Trials Necessary

Brooklyn’s Wrongful Convictions Persist With ‘Gang’ Cases

The Media is Spreading Immigration Propaganda

Calming down from the gang panic: We’re already too aggressive in attacking kids with supposedly criminal associations

With Nighttime Raids, Police Wage War on Black and Brown Families in New York

Footage of the Largest Gang Raid in NYPD History Reveals the Agency’s Military-Style Tactics

Massive Bronx Gang Prosecution Raises Fairness Questions

A Year After NYC’s Biggest “Gang Raids,” Families Say It’s Just Stop And Frisk By Another Name

Federal Documents Debunk Baltimore ‘Gang Threat’ Narrative

Who’s Talking?



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Citations Needed

Citations Needed


A podcast on media, power, PR, and the history of bullshit. Hosted by @WideAsleepNima and @adamjohnsonnyc.